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Things to Know When Hiring Employees via Online Job Portal

Does your company need to hire employees nowadays? Well, rather than spending more on this event, why don’t you choose to use the online job portal? An online job portal works like a job fair anyway. But just like the name, it is conducted online and the portal is always available there. Many people starting from the fresh graduates to the experienced ones have made accounts there. They just wait for vacancies relevant to their backgrounds.

Although the process of opening a vacancy in the portal is relatively easier and cheaper, you should consider some matters. This is how the applicants who come will be of good quality.

Mention Requirements in Detail

To prevent those who don’t have relevant study backgrounds from coming in, make sure to mention requirements in detail. If the applicants must have some certificates to support their educational background, you must tell them about it clearly in your vacancy. The language you use must also be brief but also clear to avoid misunderstanding. 

Provide Enough Time for Applicants

Since all the processes can be done online, it may not take a very long time for your company to accept application letters from the applicants. However, it doesn’t mean that the vacancy only gives a short period for the applicants to apply. At least, there should be a week available since the vacancy is posted until it is closed.

Why? It is to give a chance for applicants to prepare all the documents and requirements properly. It brings more chances for you to get good-quality and relevant employees. Remember that not all the applicants may notice that there is a vacancy from your company today.

Utilize the Features Available

Lastly, make sure to use the features available. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can just utilize all the features provided by the site. As long as you think you need them, just use them. For example, there is a feature to automatically select documents relevant to the vacancy. Well, it is very important to save time.

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